Welcome to CyberCare Plan

CyberCare Plan® is an integrated and turnkey Obesity Management & Preventive Medicine System designed to be prescribed by physicians.

What are the components of the CyberCare Plan?

  • Documented Scientific Validity & medical efficacy
  • A physician's prescription for CyberCare Plan
  • Medical Research Level Body Composition Analysis using the patented HealthPort ELG® Bioimpedance System
  • A CyberCare Plan Website that is Personalized for each Patient
    • Secure, Privacy Protected & HIPAA Compliant
    • Visited daily by patient for 8 to 12 minutes
    • Professional Health Risk Appraisal
    • Quantification of a Patient's Health Risks
    • Personalized Nutrition Program
    • Personalized Activity Plan
    • 12 weeks of Health Education
    • Secure on-line Physician-Patient Communications
    • Online Access to real time medical journals
  • Physician Follow up Visits
    • Quantify Health Risk Reductions
    • Make adjustments in nutrition and activity plan

The CyberCare Plan Website uses an Expert System technology to provide a highly individualized, interactive learning experience in a way that is easy for Patients to use.

“I have been exceptionally impressed with the level of programming expertise that has been accomplished with your software and the ELG Metabolic Analyzer. For a medical program I find it a refreshing change from the typical programs being offered in the physician market today. The entire program is fairly priced and delivers as promised.”
- Phillip Miller M.D. - Los Gatos, CA
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