Welcome to CyberCare Plan
Welcome to CyberCare Plan Physician Tour

Dear Doctor:

My partner Rich Wooten, the President and Chief Technology Officer of HealthPort, and I shook hands twenty years ago and dedicated ourselves to developing proprietary technology systems which could help physicians deliver Preventive Medicine, Weight Management and Wellness services in the very real world of clinical medicine.

Over these twenty years we have developed, introduced and provided customer service for these technology systems that have been used and tested by literally thousands of physicians and hundreds of thousands of patients.

During that time we have received U.S. and international patents, as well as FDA registrations for our technology. We have solicited and acquired real time feedback and suggestions from those thousands of physician customers and their patients.

The CyberCare Plan technology incorporates everything we have learned over these twenty years integrated into a highly personalized, turnkey Internet delivered patient program. CyberCare Plan reflects five years and more than $5 million worth of technology development. The original Specifications developed by Rich for this artificial intelligent "expert system" numbered more than 8000 pages.

The Physician Tour you are about to review gives an overview of this elegant technology. CyberCare Plan is easy for a patient to use and all the physician has to do to start his or her patient on this remarkable personalized journey is to write a special prescription [see Section 6 of the Tour].

Please send any suggestions or comments directly:

Al Libke, M.D.

Best Regards,

Al Libke, M.D.

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