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What are the patient care benefits?

The CyberCare Plan® website uses a sophisticated Expert System technology to provide a highly personalized, interactive learning experience in a presentation that is engaging and easy for patients to use.

  • Identifies, Quantifies and Documents a Patient's individual Health Risk factors
  • Provides proven Personalized Health Risk Reduction Plans to Patients via the Internet
  • Provides a turnkey Obesity Management System for the medical practice
  • Offers an integrated, long term Preventive Medicine System that can be prescribed for obese and chronically ill Patients

Provides a non-pharmacologic foundation for the treatment of chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes type II, hypertension, dislipidemia, atherosclerosis, metabolic syndrome and arthritis.

"I have used the HealthPort technology since I was first introduced to the Company at the NIH Technology Assessment Conference on body composition technology clinical and research applications. I was so impressed with Company's focus on science, I incorporated their technology into my Preventive Medicine Practice. I have introduced the new CyberCare Plan technology to my patients; it is the next evolution in direct physician involvement in patient health care"
- Burton Shapiro M.D. - Phoenix, AZ

Body Composition Assessment with the ELGIII Body Composition Analyzer

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