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A CyberCare Plan® is generally prescribed by a physician as part of a patient office visit. You only need to gather three pieces of patient data: accurate weight, height and the ELG bioimpedance reading. Then you simply give the patient the CyberCare Plan® Rx preprinted with his or her unique ID number.

You or a member of your staff logs into HealthPort's secure HIPAA-compliant database and enters the patient's name as well as whatever objective data you've gathered in the course of the exam or as a result of additional lab work (height, weight, blood pressure, ELG reading, blood lipid levels, blood sugar levels, etc.).

This data entry takes no more than a few minutes and, if you prefer, the data can alternatively be entered by the patient at home.

Prescription for patient CyberCare Plan

Later, the patient logs into the HealthPort server using the unique ID number printed on the Rx. He or she completes a detailed lifestyle questionnaire. This data is then combined with the objective data from your office and the CyberCare Plan® expert technology generates a detailed health risk assessment, personalized nutrition and exercise plans, and 12-week course of education and behavior modification. These "lessons" are delivered over the Internet in daily 8-12 minute segments.

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The patient fills out a quick and simple Compliance Log each week which you can review in your "CyberRounds" if you wish. You can send back personalized comments or the system will generate pre-written responses based on the patient's compliance scores.

It's up to you to decide how involved you want to be. SImilarly, you can enable secure, HIPAA-compliant email communication with the patient if you so choose. We recommend recheck appointments every four to six weeks to enhance patient motivation.

Finally, physicians can offer patients the preventive healthcare and obesity management services that they know their patients need, but have previously not had the time or infrastructure to provide.


“I have been witness to the development of the CyberCare Plan Technology over the past several years and am pleased to offer the Internet-based Weight Loss Program to my patients. I have been so impressed with the effectiveness, depth, and educational capabilities of the program that we have implemented it as part of the Health Care Curriculum at Washington and Jefferson University. This truly is cutting edge technology developed by a company that actually listens to its customers.”
- Robert Yakovac D.C. - Pittsburgh, PA
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