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ELGIII Metabolic AnalyzerWhile BMI (Body Mass Index) is a useful statistical measure of obesity in populations, body composition analysis using electrical bio-impedance is recognized as far superior for diagnosing obesity on an individual basis and for setting realistic weight goals based on lean body mass. The HealthPort ELG® metabolic analyzer is patented in the United States and abroad. It is an FDA registered, Class II Medical Device. The patented accuracy of the ELG® is backed by the largest study on body composition analyzers ever conducted, including more than 750 subjects from a wide demographic population.

Proven Scientific Accuracy & Research-Level Pedigree

The relationship between percent body fat estimated by hydrostatic weighing and Algorithmic Electrolipography for the total group (N = 769)
The relationship between percent body fat estimated by hydrostatic weighing and Algorithmic ElectroLipoGraphy

The ELG® technology underwent years of rigorous comparisons to the criterion hydrostatic tank at the University of Southern California, Department of Exercise Science. It is scientifically accurate to ±2.8% (SEE) when compared to the hydrostatic tank, with a correlation coefficient of 0.91 (r-value), and is accurate to within ±0.5% on a test/retest basis.

The patented population-specific algorithms developed for the ELG® were endorsed by the National Institutes of Health as the standard for predicting body composition using electrical bio-impedance. The ELG® is used in medical research at such institutions Johns Hopkins University, MIT, UCLA Center for Health Sciences and the Harvard Center for Nutritional Research.


The ELG Metabolic Analyzer test takes about one minute and is routinely
done by the nurse after blood pressure is taken.

“We conclude the ELG® technology is a simple and accurate method for the diagnosis of obesity that should revolutionize clinical practice by becoming a standard of practice routinely offered by each healthcare provider.”
USC research study: Algorithmic ElectroLipoGraphy:
A Simple and Accurate Method for the Clinical Diagnosis of Obesity


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